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Celebrity Cars | Who Owns A Bugatti

In the past, the Millionaire Care Club has  done stories about celebrity cars as well as the Bugatti Veyron.

So the question came to mind, when it comes to celebrity cars, who has Bugatti Veyron super car sitting in their garage?

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell  is famous both in the UK and US for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Pop IdolThe X FactorBritain’s Got Talentand American Idol. He is also the owner of the television production and music publishing house Syco.

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Scott Storch

Scott Storch  is a record producer in the world of hip hop. He is known for working with such artists as Dr Dre and Fat Joe. Storch was also the keyboard player for The Roots

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One hip hop mogul who is known to have a fleet of super cars is Birdman. Birdman (also know as Baby) co-founded of Cash Money Records. He is famous for collaborating with other rap superstars such as Rick Ross and Drake. Not only does Bridman flaunt is Bugatti Veyron, but also has  a Maybach Landaulet which is one of the ultimate celebrity cars for a mogul collection.

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Criss Angel

Criss Angel  is know for his show Criss Angel Mindfreak and his live show Criss Angel Believe that plays at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. Angel is also known as a Celebrity car collector and can be often be seen driving his Veyron down the Las Vegas strip

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Jay-z is one of the most financially successful hip-hop producers and artists of all time.  He is the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. His net worth of nearly $500 million allows him to be a top-notch celebrity car collector. Jay-Z’s video for the hit Lost One features the ultra rare Maybach Exelero


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Lil Wayne

Hip hop superstar Lil Wayne passed Elvis Presley as the male with the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with 109 songs. This accomplishment puts him into the driver seat of a gloss black Bugatti Veyron

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Other superstars in the Bugatti Veyron club is Chris Brown, T-Pain, Flo- Rida, and Xzibit

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  • skrizzygwapmenrs

    P..diddy, rick ross, ace hood

  • hdidane00

    and?? who cares….

  • deepoceanfan

    No. Did I say that?


    …where CR7 he has one

  • devantaprince

    were ace hood bugati hahaha

  • TheMrmemyselfandi

    and u do?

  • Edward van halen

    It is the hot car among rap and hip hop ganstas, kills the brand.

  • Weezy Mc

    Lil Wayne is the Obama of the Bugati Veyron

  • TheJjbb1121

    I like flo Ridas lol

  • ironmangler

    Do they all have hydraulic jumping springs?

  • nielsboex

    I bet they all drive it at 30 miles an hour.

  • 55ty66

    Criss Angel?

  • Shaun Pegg

    Flo rida’s bugatti is the sex!

  • pyrofeaks

    you forgot me! …. not good

  • deepoceanfan

    No one in this video deserves to own such a car.

  • cengeb

    Makes the car LOOSE VALUE, low life TURDS degrade the design excellence. Sad.

  • rjmprod

    And Chris Angle, It may be time for the white man to start bitchin about not having the the power and money. I’m serious!

  • Euric Dinkins

    Sorry but Flo Rida does NOT own it. he rented one for ONE event

  • MrMrgangstamaine

    @ChromeWapz scott storch is the guy that make songs for fat joe or used to make songs

  • LastK123

    Wayne was actually the first black.rapper to own one
    ….true fact

  • LastK123

    Cris angel made it apear he didn’t buy it

  • smokeywot

    a bunch of fags with Bugattis

  • KilYaWitCyanide

    Excluding Jay Z, and maybe Birdman. All of those people are fantastic cunts. Celebrities are supposed to buy Lambos and Ferraris. Not soil one of the greatest automotive engineering marvels of this past decade. Of course I am speaking out of term. I can hope that they all respect and treat their cars with the respect they deserve.

  • crunk4124

    They’re all a bunch of fags … except for Jay-Z

  • deblock505

    Lol czibit don’t have a Bugatti, that Biggs broke and we bankrupt!

  • khalins

    aye on forza probably

  • R6GFL1993

    You truly forgot Tom Cruise.

  • Jack Calor

    Post a video of it! I Dont believe you.

  • robdavis16

    jenson button!

  • TheBuckeyev

    Rick Ross has one

  • woodster1994

    don’t beiber have one too?

  • Carbonized433

    asshole sounds so gay man, arsehole sounds better!

  • ChromeWrapz

    Who’s scott storch?

  • marrjustin13

    I own a bugatti

  • JoshA7fold

    An asshole, a magician, the reigning champ of Rap music (Jay-Z), Xzibit, and the rest are idiots

  • drlfresh81

    if chriss angel has a bugatti, i better get one too.

  • Alen CCL

    i have decided to join the rap industries…instead of pop/rock/country…..

  • collin riley

    i didnt know simon owned a buggati

  • Popa Mihai

    I don’t wanna be racist , but Simon is the only white man from there

  • curtgowdysharkhunter

    venom gt makes the veyron look like a civic :3

  • Isaiah Heath

    So now i know that if i buy a song from one artist in the video, that money is most likely going to something like that. -.-

  • GameBoss007

    That car is the fastest car in the world who gives a fuck if niggers got it its fast as fuck

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  • gmanskater1234

    who are those 2?

  • Matt Lance

    because they are all owned by black rappers with the exception of Simon Cowell

  • ThePhan7em

    Funny how none of them had a SuperSport. Anyway, Xzibits car what the best.

  • Richard Saldana

    well what i has in mind was the Venom and the new Lykan Hyper-sport is has a flat 6 twin turbo but it cost 3.4 million dollars



  • Alan Witts

    Tom Cruise?????? and I do believe Brad Pitt has one too.

  • behold755

    I wonder how many of these will be repossessed.

  • mcrem32

    Also on this list, Chuck Norris’s left and right nut each have one…

  • kevintrujillo281


  • ThaRevolucion19

    all those artists sucked except Xzibit and maybe Criss Angel

  • xxbrandon1300xx

    Criss Angel in a Bugatti. I wonder if he’ll ever do a magic trick with it. You know, like, magically make it appear in a fan’s house. Wink wink 😉

  • James Angelides

    The Hennessey Venom and the Koenigsegg Agera R are quicker

  • James Angelides

    Bugatti styling is now boring to me. PAGANI HUAYRA FOREVER!

  • Richard Saldana

    its not only over used, well i think its over priced knowing that two other cars are faster. one using have of what the Veyron has

  • Ronnie Cooper

    dude Bugatti is not all of a nice looking car.. its a lot of cars tht look way better I wasn’t all tht crazy when it came out like u guys. an audi r8 v10 is something tht ill drive any day b4 this car. Bugatti is over used.

  • Dallas Ramsey

    wow it sickens me to see the retards that get to own my dream car only two of those people deserve to even touch a car like that

  • Savvas Savva

    if they don’t have then who is gonna have.

  • chaz pozzi

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  • Christian Jeremie

    I got one and im not of these shit##dam

  • skitzo196

    After watching that i want a bugatti even less

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  • kalem rhodriguez

    How the hell diddy dnt got one i thought he was promoting bugatti boyz and wheres ace hood lol

  • Nephi Miranda

    Lil Wayne doesn’t own a Bugatti, I saw a video of him on YouTube telling the cameraman the wrong purchase price and then he didn’t know how to even start it.

  • Elvis Danny Hurtado Flores

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  • idoflipsforfun

    he has had it for so long! in the shop at nas for pimp my ride it always shows it in the episodes

  • jaymur001

    stroch is penniless today

  • John Schaefer

    flo ridas looks beast

  • Omid Mehrage

    the chrome one’s are fucking amazing

  • 420Fein420

    Bugatti’s are ugly. They look like Peter Bell trucks, and need 4 Turbochargers to get its fat ass out of Neutral.

  • easztoakland3600

    chris angel turned a bmw to a bugatti 

  • SchoolcraftReppin

    Flo Rida got the best one

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    How the fuck could Xzibit afford that?

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  • NickiBoo17

    I love Chris Brown, T-Pain, & Flo Rida’s !!!!

  • Jairo Recinos

    you forgot The “Buggatti Boyz” aka Rick ross and P.diddy

  • raym5561

    that’s. only for playas

  • Ashby MusicZone

    P diddy,50 cent got one too

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