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In this video we can see what happens when you do not change your oil .

What happens when you do not change your oil ? In this video we see a car with 135,000 miles that has had its oil changed only once. One word summons up the results and that is sludge. Sludge in your motor will cause the check engine light to come on, degrade power output and severely effect your emissions.

when happens when you dont change your oil When You Do Not Change Your Oil

When the engine in this video is taken apart, you can see that the sludge has molded itself around the various parts of the camshaft and head.  A $25 oil change could have prevented thousands of dollars in labor and a shortened lifespan of this car.

Of course this is an extreme example of what happens when you do not change your oil , but it is always good to follow the manufacturers recommended oil change intervals.

72 Responses to “When You Do Not Change Your Oil”

  1. truedoom says:

    135k on a 3 year old car is low milage….? My car is 14 years old and has less than that.

  2. SuperDeluxe80 says:

    im guessing this is the first oil change in 135K miles.

  3. Mike Ferrante says:

    how naive do you have to be to not only ignore an oil change, but only 2 or 3 changes with 135k miles?? how do you go that long? blows my mind…

  4. Азим Очилов says:

    Very nice job! One question – Will you suggest the owner of that car to use engine flush?

  5. kemoblue4u says:

    How the f%#$ is 135k miles in THREE YEARS okay by today’s standards?????

  6. Meckey Elbaliava says:

    why dont u just wash it with water & soap???

  7. Teddy Koller says:

    Great! And you have the patience of a Saint. I’d collect some bucks from the guy and give him a punch in the face. Maybe he’ll change his oil sooner

  8. TJV Pepper says:

    Why are people such lazy and cheap idiots?

  9. mikeflemming711 says:

    wow stupid customer, NEW ENGINE….YOUR FAULT…..

  10. jarrus464 says:

    130,000miles ia low.milage for.a 3 year old car?…..seriously???

  11. plorwax says:

    4 years old with 136k miles is low miles? or is he saying 136k miles is low in general? 136k on a 4 years old car to me is very high, but hey im no expert.

  12. SweedSleds95 says:

    That engines bearings can’t feel that great anymore do they…

  13. Wasr Fan says:

    135K before the engine seized??? Good job Kia!

  14. KPAracing says:

    So much sludge under the bucket tappet. Number them, remove them and clean the valve assy too

  15. KPAracing says:

    Just pull the cylinder head out and send it to an engine reconditioning shop (auto machine shop) to get it cleaned chemically.

  16. Joe Blo says:

    Make the owner eat the sludge.

  17. despondence says:

    I work a full time job, and I can’t even afford a car. This video makes me fucking sick. These people should be beaten to death.

  18. BUSAmordesky123 says:

    that is a lot of work.

  19. Jeremy Kuntscher says:

    owner is an idiot!

  20. Lisa Udontknowme says:


  21. davepax982 says:

    I would love to know the labour charge on this. Some people have no idea really when it comes to car maintenance. If you look after them they look after you.

  22. strait836 says:

    This engine needed to be filled to the brim with Diesel oil for 24hrs to soak up the sludge and dissolve as much as possible then pressure washed with 140 deg Celcius water with solvents before removing the camshafts then proceed with what was shown in the video…I would not begin to care about the various oil seals and gaskets since so much solvents are going to be used on the engine anyway..this is what I would do to my car in such a case…any ideas? Stay safe and buckle up.

  23. mofo popo says:

    I hope you guys at cooper lake automotive charged the ever living shit out of this customer for laber and parts!!!!! I mean really burn shit asshole and wallet soo bad he’ll think next time to get a 20 dollar oil change regarlerly.

  24. mofo popo says:

    I hope they charged the ever living shit out of this owner….and taken out back and beat this shit out of.

  25. clara17uk says:

    that should be good for another 135 k before the oil change:}you did a good job getting it back to life

  26. B Law says:

    i almost thought you were going to grind down the cam lol.

  27. Shoppey89 says:

    Aaaand this is the problem with todays consumer base.. We are all today taught to use and discard.. And thats why ppl dont take care of stuff that actually needs maintenance..

  28. Smoofie92 says:

    look at how fast he is

  29. 1alwayswin says:

    something tells me that this car will never drive like new.

  30. fenceposter says:

    The owners man card should be revoked.

  31. ROY BFUENTES says:

    How much does this cost???

  32. adalberto delgado says:

    how hard is to change oil i do it myself every 3000 miles religiously on my 05 toyota echo

  33. Harry Howle says:

    I know you know what a F’ing idiot this owner is…

  34. Andrey Shumylo says:

    this doesn’t only happen when you don’t change oil, i had a land rover that was A LOT WORSE than this with completely clogged pcv and if the PCV is never checked or addressed your engine will look the same even if you claim you do your oil changes regularly

  35. tomgniko says:

    You should’ve not cleaned it. Just tell the idiot to buy a new engine.

  36. charlie wecker says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

  37. meatnug says:

    1. being a kia i can tell this owner does not care about what kind of car they drive.
    2. the neglect shows me they dont care about the car they own.
    3. they care not about driving.
    4. their license should be taken.

  38. TenSecond Daily says:

    I would took the pressure washer to that heap, if ya pullin the pan anyway get crazy lol gezz it only costs like $25 to change ya oil … even if ya use cheap shit but change it on intervals you wont get this shit.

  39. jake bingaman says:

    ill be surprised if that engine even lasts 6 months. that sludge is going to clog up the oil galleys. needs an overhaul if you ask me.

  40. 455Transam says:

    That’s stupid… juust nned to maintain your engine.

  41. 455Transam says:

    They only changed their oil TWICE in 135,000 miles, wouldn’t matter which oil they used.

  42. 455Transam says:

    Nothing wrong with conventional oil as long as you change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

  43. aquateen77723 says:

    This owner should be taken out back and beaten with a rubber hose.

  44. Brian Lee says:

    YUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! After looking at all of that sludge in the engine, I just realized how gross the sludge in the engine is.

  45. on sway says:

    Title is correct. I’m tearing into a 46 year old virgin block engine (non-virgin heads). Only conventional oil was used. The sludge inside timing cover is only about 1/32″ to 1/16″ thick. and firmly attached. Oil galleys still flowing. Tore down because excessive oil consumption. Worn out cylinder walls.

  46. gerbilPROJECT says:

    Twenty billion years.

  47. vempriex says:

    Wow how long was the process or cleaning the engine take?

  48. Radoslav Petrov says:

    I think that is the original oil from the factory… :)

  49. 000HJS000 says:

    its a Kia….. it cheaper to get another one

  50. poikaa3 says:

    technical term for this is condensation polymerization, oil is literally forming long chains of molecules…. cooking the oil!

  51. nrcnickc says:

    people who dont take care of their cars dont deserve them

  52. nolanm6500 says:

    I see a K car.

  53. jrstow86 says:

    hahaha! what’s the compression lookin like?

  54. Godlikehenry says:

    WoW this is so much labor… no joke

  55. Tim Chen says:

    i have a question, mom just got a new bmw x3, and its saying it only needs an oil change every 18,000km or something like that, should we follow the schedule posted by bmw or just do an early one just for the heck of it =S

  56. gtobandit1 says:

    I dont have any idea how the customer was even able to get the car into the shop.

  57. Mywalrus69 says:

    This should be titled “Why you shouldn’t use conventional oil”

  58. xilix says:

    This is insane! I can not comprehend how people can go without changing their oil.

  59. HoboSmeller says:

    if that guy brought this car into my shop and didnt agree to a whole new engine, i woulda slapped him and sent him on his way for trying to waste my time because he was an idiot.

  60. coolkat902 says:

    That is one dirty engine.

  61. Jonodude0 says:

    I bought a 1990 volvo 740 with 88k miles, got an oil and filter change when I got it and noticed soon after the oil light was coming on. Turns out that the oil sump is really clogged and its starving the oil pump. Quoted at $700 to drop the oil pan and clean it. The car only costed $1200.
    Keep up on your oil changes people!!

  62. Bounyava Aphonephanh says:

    can i just use engine flush, let the engine run for about 45 min. will that help….

  63. SciFiArtman says:

    That sludge is disgusting! What a waste of a good engine!

    I use synth oil (cheap Tech whatever it is from WalMart) which is very impressive to my line of old cars (some 350k+) and change at around 3k/6mo – which may be a little too often, but filter and oil is relatively cheap. Never had any related problems in any car since switching to synth oil – I love it the stuff!

  64. Kopihucky says:

    checking vs changing is a big difference.

  65. glassdesks says:

    I try to change every 3-to-5 months. Mechanic sticker shows 3000-mi. interval, -I tend to exceed this by a 1000 miles or so between changes (that is about 3X per year oil change…)
    Great video! thanx.

  66. ChuckTruck78 says:

    Awesome Job Cleaning that engine! I’ve done that plenty of times. It’s amazing the amount of crap that can build up inside an engine in such a short time period. People who don’t change their oil should not be allowed the priviledge to drive a car!

  67. obscureluzername says:

    Good job dude, I was surprised to see an engine underneath all that shit. Looked pretty nice towards the end.

  68. trythisiptv says:

    I’ve got a 33 year old Mercedes diesel with a tad over 200k on it. under the valve cover looks like new. changing oil regularly and a dash of seafoam or trans fluid about 100 miles before changing oil keeps it all nice and sparkly clean inside

  69. Gauntletbloggs says:

    The result would be less severe at this point in time, but at the end of the day all oil fails at some point and it’s asking a bit much of even the best synthetic oils to go 60k miles without a change

  70. 2007dalin says:

    wtf kind of oil did they use? i garuntee if u run synthetic oil of any quality u can run it a long time and not get any sludge buildup.. this has to be more then a oil problem if they used good oil..

  71. IMFDB says:

    GM cars r pretty much retard proof. There one of the most notorious cars for using an oil life percentage system on the dash that says “change oil soon” when its time.

  72. Louis Hur says:

    Dirty job!

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